Lucy Adlington

Past, present and future collide in Lucy Adlington's Young Adult fiction titles. Her novels for teenagers, including The Diary of Pelly-D and Burning Mountain have been nominated and/or shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, the Manchester Book Prize, Leeds Book Prize and the Rotherham Book Award

Praise for Lucy's stories -
"storytelling at its most seductive" - Sunday Morning Post
"Original and beguiling" - Love Reading
"convincingly told and gripping" - TES
"A smart and sympathetic teen voice" - Booklist
"a gorgeous story and one I’m sure you won’t regret reading" - The Nocturnal Library
"spellbinding story, kick-ass female characters, and richly imagined world" - Goodreads review

Writing as Lucy Adlington:

The Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon (2017 publication)

"Four Girls. Ella, Rose, Marta and Carla.
In another life we might have been friends. But this was Birchwood."

As Ella begins her first day at work she steps into a world of silks, seams, scissors; pins, hems and embellishments.
She claims to be a dressmaker, but this is no ordinary sewing workshop. Hers are no ordinary clients.

Writing as L.J.Adlington:

The Diary of Pelly-D

On another world, in another time, a young construction worker finds a diary buried in the rubble of a war-ruined city. Within the pages, the voice of a sassy girl he's never met and a life slowly turning sinister

The Glittering Eye

A boy wakes in a barley field with no past and no memories; a girl arrives in Egypt for an archaeological dig. Are there some things best left buried...?

Night Witches

Two nations at war. One heart caught in the middle. A fantasy tale of teenage bomber crews and wild witchcraft inspired by true tales of female fighters in World War Two

Cherry Heaven

Two girls look for a fresh start on a New Frontier. But softly, secretly, shadows are creeping towards them...

Burning Mountain

Enter the world of a Peter, a young German paratrooper, and Vittoria, a street scavenger, both fighting to survive in war-torn Italy as the volcano Vesuvius erupts