Lucy Adlington

Stitches In Time - The Story of the Clothes We Wear


"Very impressive… a lively, vibrant and constantly interesting history" – Bookbag
"A fascinating primer to the art of getting dressed" – Mail on Sunday
"Detailed and absorbing" – TLS

Riffling through the wardrobes of times gone by, costume historian Lucy Adlington takes us on a stylish tour through 2,000 years of the history of fashion.

Starting with underwear she moves garment by garment through Western attire, exploring the items we still wear and those that have gone the way of the dodo (sugared petticoats, farthingales and spatterdashers to name but a few.

Crammed with eminently quotable facts and compelling pictures, Stitches in Time shows how the way we dress is inextricably bound up with considerations of sex, class and lifestyle – and reveals the extraordinary qualities of these, our most ordinary possessions.